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National Heritage Weekend

14 September 2013

To coincide with National Heritage weekend and give members of the public the opportunity to visit, take a tour and learn about the Freemasons. The Lodge Rooms will be opened for anyone to see and Freemasons will be on hand to guide visitors around the building and answer questions about Freemasonry. There will also be displays of Masonic events, history, regalia and artifacts. Freemasonry has existed for at least three hundred years so this is a chance to meet modern Freemasons and learn about what they do and perhaps more importantly what they don't do - but what conspiracy theorists might think they do!

We are intending to make a number of donations to local charities during this event. Please join us for this informal, informative and no obligation event.

Coffee will be available.Under eighteens must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

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