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New Worshipful Master Elect

14 October 2013

 Bro. Richard Morris, Senior Warden, Master Elect The Masefield Installation Meeting on the 14th of October 2013 will be a unique ceremony. W.Bro. David Morcom, P.Prov.J.G.W., Worshipful Master, will install Bro. Richard Morris, Senior Warden, Master Elect into the Chair of Masefield Lodge. This is unique to our Lodge as Bro. Richard became a Freemason by originally applying to join through the Lodge website. Since joining Richard has served every Office in the Lodge and now stands ready to lead us into 2014 as Master.

We have many new young members in the Lodge who have joined via the website, however Richard will be the first to become a Worshipful Brother. We look forward to the event and also seeing many more of our new members following in his footsteps.

Should you wish to become a Freemason or find out more about it, please contact us.

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