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Daughter and Granddaughter Lodges.

01 January 2014

Masefield Lodge No. 2034 has recently undertaken a programme designed to encourage our Junior Members to Visit more Lodges, in particular our Daughter and Granddaughter Lodges. At every Meeting we shall carry a special Item of Labour on our Summons listed "Information for Junior Brethren". At this item the W.M. will instruct our Junior Members in the correct procedure of how to go about Proposing a Candidate. He will also read out names, dates and contact email addresses of any of our Daughter and Granddaughter Lodges holding a Ceremony of Initiation or other. This is in an effort to entice them to Visit (accompanied by a Past Master from our Lodge when possible) and so inspire them to witness the Ceremony they have recently undergone. It is also a very good method of cementing bonds with our Daughter and Granddaughter Lodges.

  • Arter Lodge No. 2654
  • St. Marys Lodge No. 3879
  • Francis Davis Lodge No. 5035
  • Nautical Services Lodge No. 5629
  • Red Rose Lodge No. 7600
  • Kings Heath Lodge No. 3863
  • Lodge of the Mystic Quest No. 3873
  • Moseley LodgeNo. 5224

Please could the Secretary of the Lodges mentioned contact W.Bro. P. C. Band, P.S.G.D., Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master if you have a Ceremony in the pipeline and we shall be pleased to do the same for you.

Masefield Lodge have the following should any of your Junior Brethren wish to attend:

  1. 2nd Degree Ceremony, Monday 13 January 2014.
  2. 3rd Degree Ceremony, PMs' Night - Monday 10 March 2014

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