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T’was the meeting before Christmas

09 December 2013

T’was the meeting before Christmas, when all through the Lodge not a Brother was stirring, well maybe, just once; their Aprons were hung round their waist with a care, in hopes that the Master soon would be there; his children were seated and sitting up straight, hoping for pudding to be put on their plate...

Masefield Christmas 2013With the Masefield December Regular meeting successfully completed, the run up to Christmas is now firmly on the way, and what a way to start. One hundred and thirteen diners sat down to a choice of Turkey, Beef or Salmon as our Christmas Fayre cuisine. The Tombola was in full swing, managed by a new and enthusiastic team, raising a fabulous amount of money: seven hundred and twelve pounds to be split between two charities.


www.medequip4kids.org.uk Registered Charity 1102830. MedEquip4Kids provide equipment not available from limited NHS resources. A part of the money raised will go towards equipment for Birmingham Heartlands Hospital. The Hospital needs help in providing an apnoea monitor which is used to monitor the breathing of premature babies. One monitor costs £697.20.

Medcins Sans Frontiers

The other charity is Medcins Sans Frontiers (Doctors without Borders). www.msf.org.uk Registered Charity 1026588. This charity doesn't waste money with glossy mailshots or advertising (4% of their money goes on admin and 9% on fundraising). The other 87% is spent directly by MSF on their projects. They raise their own funds from private donors, do not receive any government funding etc., run their own projects themselves and pride themselves on being independent and neutral. They also don't hand money over to any third party organisations which enables them to rapidly react and deploy their own volunteer medical people and equipment to where they are needed the most in the world, be that situations of armed conflict, famine, natural disaster etc., to provide 'hands-on' assistance directly to victims as quickly as possible... and they've certainly got their hands full at the moment!

These are two well-deserving charities indeed. The Worshipful Master and his family seemed to enjoy the evening, although Father Christmas may have woken our youngest attending guest, who as yet, has not reached his first birthday. With just under twenty one years to go before he can join Masefield, he does have all the makings of a good candidate.

Suitably wined and dined, entertainment was provided, but arguably the high spot of the event was still the “Twelve Days of Christmas”, introduced by W.Bro. Bunn in his own unique fashion.

So, next stop: the Burns’ Night Celebration on 10th February 2014. Once again, we look forward to the tremendous support Masefield has been privileged to enjoy over the many years from our returning guests, and hopefully, together we can add more funds for worthy charitable causes.

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