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All to Play “Fore!”

18 February 2014

During a recent visit by W.Bro. S. W. S. Southgate, P.G.Std.B., P.Prov.S.G.D. (Hants. & IOW.) to Weatheroak Lodge No. 7214. The following information was received from W.Bro. David J. Phillips, P.Prov.G.Swd.B.

Weatheroak Lodge No. 7214Past Master W.Bro. K. Robinson was installed into the Chair of Weatheroak Lodge No. 7214 in 1985, his only Craft Lodge. He was given a silver trophy cup to look after by a former Past Master of Weatheroak Lodge, unfortunately we don't know who, but presumably, the most recent winner of the trophy at the time.

W.Bro. K. Robinson put the silver cup away in a safe place and, not being a golfer he, along with the other members of Weatheroak Lodge, must have forgotten all about it.

As far as Weatheroak Lodge know, the cup has not been played for at least since 1980, which is as far back as any member of Weatheroak Lodge can remember.

When W.Bro. Ken Robinson decided to have a clear out at his home, he found the trophy in his loft and at this point returned it to the Lodge. W. Bro. Ken sadly passed to the Grand Lodge above in 2013.

The cup was originally presented by W.Bro. D.R. Counsell in 1939: a member of Masefield Lodge and Francis Davies Lodge and, later, a Founder of Weatheroak Lodge in 1952.

Members of Francis Davies and Weatheroak Lodges did test the water in 2013 and played for the cup again, and it has now been suggested by Weatheroak Lodge members that it should in future be played for in the original format and they would welcome a team of 4 players from Masefield Lodge to participate in 2014.

The Junior Warden of Weatheroak Lodge is trying to arrange to play a tournament at Fulford Heath Club in May 2014. As soon as this event has been confirmed, full details will be circulated.

Weatheroak Lodge has a regular exchange visit with Francis Davies Lodge, and we would like to have the same arrangement with Masefield Lodge, so the golf day might be a good point to start.

It is interesting to note:
As this cup was presented by W.Bro. Jim Counsell in 1939, and Weatheroak Lodge was founded in 1952, and without further investigation, we do not know to which Lodge the Cup was originally presented.

Original details from:
W.Bro. David J. Phillips, P.Prov.G.Swd.B., Weatheroak Lodge No. 7214.

W.Bro.D.R. ("Jim") Counsell

W.Bro. D.R. ("Jim") Counsell

  • Initiated in Beaufort Lodge No. 103 (Bristol) 1918.
  • Joined Masefield 1921.
  • W.M. 1936.
  • Founder of Francis Davies Lodge No. 5035, 1928 - W.M. 1932.
  • Prov.A.G.P. 1934.
  • P.P.S.G.W. 1937.
  • P.A.G.D.C.1954.
  • P.G.D. 1965.
  • Founder Weatheroak Lodge 7214. Consecrated 17.12.1952.
  • Joined Installed Masters Lodge No. 6889 in 1966.
  • Died 1979.

Lieutenant Colonel Jim Counsell who lost an arm in the Great War, was an Inspector of Taxes by profession. A tall man, somewhat gaunt in appearance, he maintained an impressive physical presence to the end of his days. A formidable man who insisted that the Lodge was tightly run to the Book of Constitutions. He was a stickler for attention to detail, paperwork, timing, and ritual. He insisted that no one ever used a ritual book in the Lodge, not even the IPM.

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