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Education, Entertainment, and Encouragement

09 April 2015

Who were Aholiab and Bezaleel

It is not often that a Chapter has the privilege of playing host to the Provincial Grand Orator, but on Thursday 9 April 2015 Masefield Chapter had the pleasure of receiving Education, Entertainment, and Encouragement from E.Comp. J.A.St.M. Mallin, P.G.St.B.

Due primarily to the Easter Holidays the number of Companions attending was down on the usual turn out, which was a great shame as the Lecture entitled “Who were Aholiab and Bezaleel?” by E.Comp. J.A.St.M. Mallin, P.G.St.B. was a real eye opener delving into the intricate weaving of our Royal Arch Ritual. It should be mentioned that just about everybody attending acknowledged making a leap forward in their daily Masonic advancement, all of which was further suitably enhanced by an enjoyable Festive Board.

Education, entertainment, and encouragement was certainly achieved, rounded off with questions and answers from the Companions. Masefield would recommend to any Chapter, if they ever have the chance to receive this lecture from E.Comp. Jeremy, they should seize the opportunity with both hands.

Photo from left to right:

  • E.Comp. R.H.W. Keeling, P.Pr.A.G.Soj., Acting H.
  • E.Comp. R.B.W. Price, Past Grand Supt.
  • E.Comp. J.F. Whittaker, MEZ.
  • E.Comp. J.A.St.M. Mallin, P.G.St.B.
  • E.Comp. D.S. Carey, P.Pr.G.Swd.B., P.Pr.G.Reg. (Warks.), Acting J.

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