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Talking Heads

12 February 2018

The first Presentation took place at L377 The Lodge of Hope and Charity on Tuesday 7th November, 2017 and there is now a list of these Presentations:

  • 12th Feb L2034 Masefield Lodge, Kings Heath
  • 22nd Feb L7932 Hagley and Holy Wells Halesowen
  • 12th Mar L3569 Avon Lodge Evesham

Lodge RA Representatives are encouraged to promote these Presentations to the Master Masons and Past Masters in their Lodges who have as yet to complete the journey through Ancient Freemasonry.

Please identify the Master Masons in your Lodge who have yet to complete the journey through Ancient Freemasonry and encourage and support them to attend one of these Presentations. They are spread across the Province so are accessible to all.

Brethren wishing to attend the Masefield Meeting are requested to advise W.Bro. M.A. Bunn, P.Prov.J.G.W.

Alternatively, reply online.

As Lord Kitchener once similarly said: “Your Chapters Need YOU!”

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